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CYMA 027-J : MP5-J

Hey guys this is my first review here and I'm going to do it on the new CYMA MP5-J. I got it from Sam of BC AirsoftSupply and after reading a couple of reviews on it I decided to give it a go.

Okay yes, CYMA has been known to produce craptastic guns as far as its reputation goes they've finally stepped up the plate. This is the excat copy of the TM MP5-J say for a few minor things that are hardly an issue. The CYMA MP5-J package includes:

Cyma MP5-J w/flashider
8.4V 1100maH Mini Battery
Battery Charger (Takes roughly 4 hours or when light stops)
BBs (Rofl they say for marui gun only but they are crap quailty =/)
175rd hi-cap
Green sling (ugly and small but who cares)
Cleaning Rod
Allen key for motor

So let's get started here:

Part 1: The looks and feel,

This gun is 1:1 scale with the real thing and looks the same as the TM despite the marking that says "Made in China CM027J" by the magazine compartment in which on the TM it just says you know what it says Anyhow, this gun feels very solid and good weight. It featrues full metal front and a metal sliding stock. Unlike the TM the upper reciever is made of STRONG plastic, on a TM in which I have owned you could squeeze the body and feel it compress. But not on the CYMA, nothing at all! But heck if plastic isn't enough for you its compatible just like the TM one so you could either stick a CA or ICS metal body on it. All the features including the safety, trigger, mag release, and removable front handgaurd are excatly like the TM it is by far the best clone up to date. The only thing that bothered me in appearance is the hop up lever, it is white -_- but paint can fix that.

Part 2: Preformance

Power/ROF: Stock TM guns shoot from a range of 260-280fps, but not the CYMA, it shoots over 300fps and kicks butt! The only con to that is with the stronger spring than the TM stock spring, it slows down the ROF, this is using the 8.4V 1100maH mini that is included with the package.

Accuracy: The accuracy on this thing is pretty "blah" even carefully adjusting the hop-up the grouping are pretty bad. This is cause of the aluminum barrel installed. If you want to replace it you could find a stock mp5 barrel with the hop up as the hop up is different than the TM's unless you plan on modifying the new barrel. It is not a bad thing honestly, you could even stick the Systema 6.04mm barrel in and the gun would be pretty damn beastily.

Part 3: Internals

The gun comes apart just like the TM, not much to it just watchout for those plugs that connect to the motor as they are very fragile if not if you can use a solder and have electrical tape handy it'll be no problem at all.

Well the gearbox is fullmetal and preforms very well. I haven't gotten to taking it apart as I don't really feel the need to. The only thing that bugged me about the gearbox is the crappy looking tappet plate. It's fragile and looks like it will snap and needs some silicone oil so it'll move freely.

Here I'll sum up the issues or things you could replace to get this gun's preformance beyond the TM.

Replacing the aluminum barrel and the hop-up (or you could leave the hop-up)
Replacing the tappet plate
Taking care of the plugs that attach to the motor
The mechanism that holds the stock in place is pretty bad. It gets worn down after a bit so I'd advise you be careful with it. If it breaks please checkout the other review which is more detailed and includes pictures

Upgrades: On airsoftretreat forum the review says you should take into consideration of what you should do, and to upgrade it like you would for a UTG. I am planning on putting on a metal body first and than maybe work into installing a better barrel and possibly a more powerful motor.
Other than that this gun is amazing at it is for such a low price of $250 on so check it out!

Videos coming soon ... will be posted on BCAirsoftSupply website!
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