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Originally Posted by thephenom
Originally Posted by Pliskin
Yea, that's how it goes in the government. I'm not complaining or asking for the rules to be lowered, but I should like a chance to get out to an event to play, not just be told "wait till 18." I dont want my own gun yet, I dont want to abuse anything, I just want to get out to an event and see what happens there, if people like/dislike me and how I do.
I think the general concent here is that you can and welcomed to visit a game. (Make sure you ask the host player first) You get lots of information, some players will be happy to let you test the guns, and if you prove to be mature enough, I'm sure they wouldn't mind letting you game a round or two.

And if I'm not mistaken, there are under-aged players who has done this persistent enough to earn the respect of the players/hosts and are allowed to play in the game for a full day.
Remember that this is all about the area though.

I mean, depending on where you go and who you talk to, you can get in at an early age, but at others it can be the complete opposite.

By this I mean, at some places, you will not even be able to come out, gun or not. I'm meaning for under 16 and on a boot camp day.

I've seen it happen both ways. The main thing to do is not to beg, not to go straight to the top guy and ask, just start small and work your way up. Number one rule for underage airsofters is to gain the respect of not only the team but also the majority of ASC...

...a high post count, trade rating, and a kickass avatar also helps. :lol:


This wasn't before worthy of a responding post, but I'm going to now that I ended up editing my above post to around a page.

The bottom part of my last post was more of sarcasm than anything. Just because it is popular belief on this board. Which is definately why I added the kickass avatar remark. I believe that post count does matter for some sort of respect on ASC itself, though. Mostly meaningless to anything else. Grammar is usually more meaningful than anything else on this board.

I'm also going to point out that I did not attempt to lie to bypass the system. The jeuler account was inside the family, at first I did not agree to that, but it was. Nothing had been done with that account, it was not verified, it was openly stated by myself to Larry whose it was, after he mentioned that if I was to be verified, it would need to be on a parent's account. Afterwords, he mentioned that the parent would have to be playing. The account was then left idle without anymore attempts to be verified.
This was all known by Larry and I had not once lied to him or tried to bypass the system by lying or using methods that are not mentioned and stated as allowed in the Verification FAQ, as having a parent verified and able to purchase.

I'm also going to mention that all the above senarios involved myself. The bootcamp was actually a contradicting one, being invited to come down with the others by a couple guys in Chris and wiseowl I believe, then after sending an email to Larry, being booted from all of it by him and being accused of lying about the invitation to come out. The email to Larry was by recommendation of wiseowl because I had questioned whether I would be able to participate in the non-gun/non-skrimish events.

This issue was never resolved.
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