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Originally Posted by Pliskin
Yea, that's how it goes in the government. I'm not complaining or asking for the rules to be lowered, but I should like a chance to get out to an event to play, not just be told "wait till 18." I dont want my own gun yet, I dont want to abuse anything, I just want to get out to an event and see what happens there, if people like/dislike me and how I do.
I think the general concent here is that you can and welcomed to visit a game. (Make sure you ask the host player first) You get lots of information, some players will be happy to let you test the guns, and if you prove to be mature enough, I'm sure they wouldn't mind letting you game a round or two.

And if I'm not mistaken, there are under-aged players who has done this persistent enough to earn the respect of the players/hosts and are allowed to play in the game for a full day.
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