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To begin; the AUG A1 cannot, I repeat CANNOT take anything really larger than a 600 mah mini Ni-Cad or a 1100 Mah NIMH mini battery. Some people report being able to take the mechplate cover off and allowing the installation of a new larger battery; I highly recommend against it as the mechbox cover ACTUALLY holds the mechbox in place. I loaded mine with a 1100 mah NIMH provided by BB Bastard (mad props to them as they are currently replacing my charger!) and slipped it in the back. Another thing is that the A1 doesnt have a large connector (just like the TM) and still has mini connectors for its wiring.

Loading a magazine I noted that the CAs highcap fits in decently well with a little bit of play from side to side, but TM lowcaps fit arguably the best with little to no movement inside the magazine well. Another thing to note is that the feed nozzle is not in fact metal; which was a rumour going around, but it is NOT spring loaded like TMs feed nozzle. CAs feed nozzle does not traverse upwards, but simply just rotates around in its little well.

However right from the get go I managed to have a misfed nozzle. Somehow in loading my mags and testing the rifle out I managed to dent the feed nozzle slightly basically not allowing the bbs to travel up into the firing chamber. Five seconds with a pencil fixed that though and I havent seen a problem since.

As far as accuracy tests go; the AUGs failed from the start. Out at the outdoor fields Toastmaster and I noticed very poor range compared to even stock TM AEGs. BBs (AE .2s) were travelling fairly short distances before falling to the ground. Dissasembling our hopup units discovered that the hopup spacer that pushes down on the bucking was too soft and deformed even when applied on full pressure. Replacing these with a slightly harder materiel did fix the problem and the AUGs now have decent range (I fire mine on .25s and Toast fires his on .2s), but I must admit that I am a piss poor range estimator and I will have to get back with figures on the AEG.

Rate of fire is adequate, Id personally have to say not quite a FAMAS but decent enough; the AUG uses a relatively nice trigger system with no selector switch. Pull the trigger back up to 4mm and it will trigger only the semi automatic rate of fire, but pull it back to 7mm and more it will switch over to full auto. This eliminates the sometimes awkward switching from semi to full on other AEGs.

One annoyance about the AUG is its tendancy to whine. As with other CA AEGs (Toastmaster can apperantly distinguish between stock AEGs just by their motor pitch), the AUG A1 suffers by its loud motor. It is loud enough that if you put the stock flush to your ear and pull the trigger, it will ring for seconds. This is somewhat aggravated by the fact you spend a lot of time with your ear near the gearbox and motor. I can imagine that replacing the motor with perhaps a TM stock motor, that it will be easily remedied.

So far, thankfully there have been few. One is the front handle seems to be either A: Wearing down or B: The holes that the foregrip slots itself into are getting larger. This is probably natural and I am most likely going to have to order the Guarder steel pin in the next little while.

Next issue relates to Toast's AUG, where one of the connectors inside seemed to have shorted out, and would only fire on full auto, ignoring the 3mm bit in between semi and full. Toast managed to reconnect the circuit and it seems to be doing fine.

Design flaws are minimal, however they are significant. TM's gearbox apperantly just pops out of the back of the AEG once the gearbox plate is removed. The CA is an insane piece of crap to wrench out. At first me and Toast thought it was nearly impossible to get out because it seems that the gearbox (which is a good deal larger than the TM) cannot get over the fake inset screw of the main body. It is possible, however it requires a good deal of effort and moving several different parts to squeeze it out of the box.

Another thing to note: When Toast finally got his gearbox out of the gun, he noticed the strange sort of setup that the trigger assembly is set up with:

When you pull the trigger of the AUG, it pushes a long set of spring connected rods back which push onto a trigger-shaped item that at first pushes a series of levers which connects the semi automatic circuit. Pushing the trigger further back allows a connector on the back of the trigger shaped item to connect with another circuit allowing full auto. When the circuits are completed however, it generates a decent sized spark. The result of this is that the AUG's do eventually get a noticable 'burning' odour from within, and the possible lasting effects may be hazardous to the AEG.

Further Rumours and Speculations:
Rumours that CA will be releasing the Nextgen version of the AUG , the A3 eventually still remain unfounded as nothing seems to have come from it. Then again; the A2 still hasnt been released much to my dismay, as I find the scope on the A1 nearly unuseable with my facemask on.

Cosmetic upgrades for the AUG are fairly rare to come by. Three main ones are the Phantom Kits (which are fully confirmed to work, thank you kong), the M203 Attachments (which should work, but I despise) and the new ACTION RIS units which cannot work with the CA AUG since they lack the civ-rail to attach onto.

The TM AUG Civilian Reciever, does not seem to work on the CA AUG as there are slight build/scaling differences which make the body very loose inside the dimensionally slightly larger CA.

More on the AUG later...
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