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Originally Posted by active1x0
Originally Posted by thephenom
Yes, parents are responsible for their kids' actions when they are under 18, the last thing we want is some soccer mom getting pissed off because she's reponsible for her son/daughter's stupidity with airsoft. With the powerful soccer moms in Canada, it'd be their priority to ban airsoft completely saying "kids shouldn't be allowed to use airsoft, in fact, NO ONE SHOULD!"

I hope you get the point since everyone pretty much shares similar opinions on this topic.
I understand that point completely and think it's a valid one. But maybe this points to a bigger problem of parents not taking responsiblity for their kids as opposed to kids abusing airsoft.

So using this logic, then why should we the community have to take responsibitlity for these kids? We don't, and now you know why we also do not just let parents register and let their kids have the run of the site.

It's simple, yes there are minors who are 16+ that are mature enough to play, heck we have 4 or 5 on our team that are.
But at the same time, there is hundreds who are not, it sucks yes for the minority who are.
But if life was fair I'd be rich, married to Jessica Simpson and have Jennifer Garner sleeping in our bed with us every night. But life isnt fair, it sucks at times.
Deal with it, no sense bickering or bitching, cause you know what, those who are in the position to decide and make exceptions, are going to get annoyed and say screw you all.
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