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Originally Posted by thephenom
In Canada, we have different laws than the US.

In Canada, you have to be 18 to buy/own, and for most fields there are age requirements to play.

All the people on ASC are saying, we are tired of kids wanting us to change the law on buying and change the law of playing. (Something that we don't set) Field requirements has a lot to do with insurance related issue rather than owners' preference.

There is nothing against parents buying airsoft for their kids to play on private field out of public's sight. Just don't expect a 12 yr be freely going to games without direct supervision from the parent(s).
I know the age limits in Canada. We have the same laws in the US - 18 to buy or own. If you're caught, on your own, with an airsoft gun and you're under 18, it's a crime (misdemeanor in some states). I don't understand what I said to make you think I wasn't aware...?

And I realize that you're sick and tired of people trying to change the law for buying - I'm sick of it too. Minors do not carry any accountability; ok, we have established this. What I'm saying is that perhaps ASC should be preaching "get your parents involved so you can learn to be responsible and accountable for a highly-realistic and potentially-deadly weapon" instead of "just wait until you're 18." Just because you turn 18 doesn't mean you all of a sudden are as wise as Socrates or happen to know just how to handle and treat a weapon. Kids should get their hands on a weapon as soon as their parents think they are ready for it, and begin to learn the proper way to treat it; so much of a greater chance they will turn out to be a respectable airsoft player.
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