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Originally Posted by active1x0
So I have a question for all the haters on younger people:

Would it be acceptable for them to save up at 15 or 16, have their parents buy them a nice AEG, and then use it on private land with parent supervision? To me, this seems like the most logical solution. It's a compromise.

People come to this forum because they want to play Airsoft, which is great; the more responsible players the sport has, the better reputation it will get with the general public. If the underage people who complain want to get a gun, what's the problem with them getting one? As long as they have their parents buy it, and then only use it with a parent monitoring them, wouldn't that be a better way than just saying "No gun for you, ever!"? It's even better if they do it with their parents, as the adult will make sure they're handling the weapon properly and with respect. These will develop into habits, and when they turn 18, they have a couple years experience handling a gun the right way. Then they can go to a game on their own and not be a complete beginner, even though they're over 18.

This way, everybody wins, don't you think?
I agree some what to your post.
I think that being a minor, you get less respect, and the market is very limited to you. I do not understand why a minor who understands the risks, is responsible and mature, and plays safely has to be neglected from games, buying an airsoft gun and useing it. Legal or not, if they play on private land, supervised there shouldn't be an issue. I doubt your local authorites are too interested in a situation like that, especially a place like mine where its a full town of 10 000 people. Its like drinking under 19(or 21 in some provinces, 18 in Quebec) if its done responsibly and in a mature manner, there are no issues.
I understand how a real professionaly organized game could not have under age people playing, becuase they whole team/organizer could take a major fall if caught. But some times people need to realized that as soon as you hit 18, you are not automatically mature, or being under 18 your are not a complete selfish jackass out to break things and law.
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