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Originally Posted by active1x0
So I have a question for all the haters on younger people:

Would it be acceptable for them to save up at 15 or 16, have their parents buy them a nice AEG, and then use it on private land with parent supervision? To me, this seems like the most logical solution. It's a compromise.

People come to this forum because they want to play Airsoft, which is great; the more responsible players the sport has, the better reputation it will get with the general public. If the underage people who complain want to get a gun, what's the problem with them getting one? As long as they have their parents buy it, and then only use it with a parent monitoring them, wouldn't that be a better way than just saying "No gun for you, ever!"? It's even better if they do it with their parents, as the adult will make sure they're handling the weapon properly and with respect. These will develop into habits, and when they turn 18, they have a couple years experience handling a gun the right way. Then they can go to a game on their own and not be a complete beginner, even though they're over 18.

This way, everybody wins, don't you think?
In Canada, we have different laws than the US.

In Canada, you have to be 18 to buy/own, and for most fields there are age requirements to play.

All the people on ASC are saying, we are tired of kids wanting us to change the law on buying and change the law of playing. (Something that we don't set) Field requirements has a lot to do with insurance related issue rather than owners' preference.

There is nothing against parents buying airsoft for their kids to play on private field out of public's sight. Just don't expect a 12 yr be freely going to games without direct supervision from the parent(s).
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