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Originally Posted by Ghost Snake
Originally Posted by Iconix
and who ever Rep for Ghostsnake should be reconsidered
Dude, fuck you. Yes, it was a stupid idea, and I know that now. I knew that very shortly after posting it. I dont go to Queens. I didn't know Queen's policy on the matter. I figured it would just be frowned upon. If I knew expulsion was a possibility I never would have said it. I've seen many pics/videos of people with airsoft guns in their dorms. And not just storing them, but actually using them. How the fuck was I supposed to know Queen's was any different? So kiss my ass, and oh, did I mention, FUCK YOU.
A wiseman once said that when in doubt dont post at all, when you realize you posted and then realize what you said was dumb delete said post (cant delete ask a mod).

No need to start cussing and cursing others who honestly have not cussed and cursed you out is poor form.

Question has been answered, locking post now before anyone else decides to have a bad day.
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