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Originally Posted by |-|ellfire
Cabose, you make me think of the song "eve of destruction" when he say : "You'r old enough to kill, but not for votin'". The thing is, if you are in the reserve and you kill some one (maybe a friendly), you will not be responsible for it, the goverment will (but if you do kill a friendly, It's probably because you did an action not supported by the goverment).
When did I say anything about killing?

Originally Posted by |-|Pliskin
ust keep it in mind that if someone see's you, there's a 50% chance they'll get your into deep trouble, your gun taken, and a bad name for the airsoft community. Be careful, mate. Cheers!
Excuse me if I am wrong but would he not be able to fire a hunting rifle at a rifle range.

Sorry about all these annoying posts I just want to get information plus see what you guys have to say/think.
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