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Originally Posted by |-|ellfire
Cabose, you make me think of the song "eve of destruction" when he say : "You'r old enough to kill, but not for votin'". The thing is, if you are in the reserve and you kill some one (maybe a friendly), you will not be responsible for it, the goverment will (but if you do kill a friendly, It's probably because you did an action not supported by the goverment).

So for underage airsoft wannabe like me, I'll give you one advice : buy your gear right now (like I did), so when you'll be old enought, you'll be ready. But please dont jerk around with it, you'll give airsoft a bad name.
Buy the gear, not the gun, and go watch some events, no more then that. Dont buy the gun, you'll be too tempted to use it.
Looking for an Age Verifier who passes through Renfrew area to contact me! PM me please!

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