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Review: STAR "S-MAG" Series

Alright, let me start off by saying that I don't normally write reviews, nor am I normally any good at writting. So I will appoligize up front for any spelling or grammer mistakes.

I have just aquired my brand new STAR S-MAG for the G36 Series. Like most C-Mags, It has a pretty decent look and feel to it. My first thought was how sturdy and how much of beating could it take? As I am not quite willing to risk breaking such an investment this early in the day, I will save that for later.

Like most Star products, it does have a bit of a plasticy feel to it, but its not that bad.

The biggest seller of this product for me was the fact that it automaticaly winds up without the need to hit a button or hold a switch down. Simply load up the mag, turn the power switch on for it and hear it wind up and stop. Soon as you start to fire, this mag will keep on winding so you never have to worry about winding.

It takes 2 AA batteries that are placed inside the left drum. The bbs are loaded through the top of the mag like any other hi-cap. To me this seems a bit of a downer and a pain.

Now I have yet to give it a pratical test, and will be doing so on Saturday and will update you afterwards, it should be very Interesting.

So the pros and cons:
- At the Price of 95.00 USD (UNCompany) its hard to beat compared to other electric c-mags which start anywhere from 150.00 USD to 200.00 USD. That price is for entire series (G36, M16/M4, and L86)
- Automatically winds while you fire

- Loading is a bit of pain, as the capacity is 2500 rnds.
- Has a bit of a plastic feel to it.
- When dropped the batteries will come out.

I will post up some pictures of it later, but for now here is the one picture of it in my G36 KE.

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