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Originally Posted by lyphe
Originally Posted by Ghost Snake
Nobody can bust you if no one knows you have them. Keep them in a locked guitar case or something other than a gun case, and never take them out while on campus. There are many tricks for storing alcohol in your dorm, I'm sure you could find one for an AEG. Or 6.
Completely agree, they tell you you can't have beer bottles, knives, gun replicas, drugs, and anything else illegal or semi illegal or just bad by their standards, but if you aren't stupid with it and hide it and not play with it on campus you'll be fine.i had a sword in first year, just kept it in my closet, t'was fine.
First off like everyone else is that was dumb idea!!!

Second, if he has a large gun... Sniper rifle can you explain how he will "sneak" past the front desk? PLus the security cameras in Res? Oh yeah take it apart right, not a problem, can you take apart a gun case and make it look like a suit case?

You can have alcohol, but they cant be in glass bottles and there is a limit, we were using water bottles. Plus on that day we got a noise complaint and they came into the room to see what was up as well as searched the place. Nothing was found because all we had was some booze. And we dont do drugs so.

YES dont do anything stupid, like breaking the rules for the school. So what your also saying is he should risk the chance of being kicked out of school, loosing tuition money probably more than what all his guns are worth, just to store them in his dorm ?

I dont know who the rep for ottawa is but please do not give that guy a chance to by a weapon, I smell trouble already.(Lyphe, and who ever Rep for Ghostsnake should be reconsidered)

ANYWAYS bud Just be smart, Sell you weapons, Rent or store them in a kingston players place, IF you need to buy weapons then just have them sent to one of the kingston players house, Im sure no one will mind, I wont as long as you let me peak lol.
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