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Originally Posted by Greylocks
Originally Posted by Cabose
The stupied thing about these rules is that I can join the reserves and fire real weapons at 16 yet I cant participate in a sport that involves people getting hit with plastic balls.
The stupid thing about this often repeated argument is that you do all this under direct supervision of legally responsible adults, and you dont own the weapons.
You missed the entire point, and you're not the first.

Two words; Legally Responsible.
Sorry to bring this up alittle late I forgot to cheack the fourms. Also sorry for keeping this point going. I'm not suprised it is over used because its a good one.

Okay you stated that you are supervised by legally resposibale adults. This is kind of true. You are supervised during BMQ but that is because you are being traind. However when you start SQ and MOC and even after that when you are on field operations with your unit you are not supervised by legally responsibale adults as much as in BMQ or the amount required for Airsoft. This is because you are our in the field with 4 guys here and 4 guys there and your advanceing up the field kicking ass. Whilst your WO is not in your squad to watch you just because you are under 18. So if you say I am being watched be legaly responsible adults whilst in the reserves then you could be my legally resposible adult. What do you say ???
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