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Sorry I havent been on in awhile because I am in college in kingston, St. Lawrence,

Now since I have friends living in Res there, I know that in the rule book you CANT have any kind of weapons. Fantasy swords, blowguns,BB guns or anything and if caught you can (have seen it) be kicked out of Res and you will be brought to the head of the college and possibly kick out of school for violating the rules.
This is a college, I can only imagine the rules on queens.

I just want to warn you bud, I dont want a bad name for airsoft in kingston even though there is a small number of us. Hopefully after im done school I will be back into this sport.

Anyways If need be I can probably store here in my apt. Proper trigger locks, case would be needed though.

Otherwise Martins Storage, Just down the road from me, Family has used them and are pretty good, price wasnt bad last time I remember Havent used these guys

But these are a couple places in kingston. Not to be like a broken record, but like everyone is saying, sell your guns buy in canada. The classified section is helpful here gives you and idea for used weapons and then to the top we have our retailers which are usually pretty good but if your nervous just post a message and ask about them.

Anyways, hopefully we meet someday and goto a game, till then catch you later.
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