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GO's need help

I have a mid sized playing field that i host games on. I am the head of the club around hear and the sole game organizer at the moment. Anyways, the club here is constantly growing and there is a demand for some veriatey amongst the games, we previously only played seek and destroy and speed ball, which was fine for the few people we had. the internet being so helpful, i am asking other game organizers or anybody with a valid game idea for some help/ inspiration.

1) seek and destroy- one team goes out sets up and ambush point as they see fit, radios back. second team patrols until contact and elimination. kinda a vietnam esque game.

2) hold the fort - defending team sets up parimiter around structure (barn in our case). attacking team attempt to capture fort or eliminate opposing team.

3) speed ball - short course game (old paintball style) all players are within visual. advance on oppsoing team unill all are eliminated.

thats all we've got really. we brainstormed the other day and devised a three flag capture the flag (to promote squad building skills and curb camping amongst the less experienced players)

4) flag raiders - three flag points, two bases. each team must move as a squad (no camper or stragglers) to capture a flag, return it to thier base, then capture a second flag and return it to their base. the first to successfully capture two flags or eliminate opposing force (but thats not the idea behind this game) is winner. opposing teams may not recapture a flag from the opponents base, but may capture a flag from their flag runner upon elimination of player.

so any more ideas and recommendations would be appreciated.
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