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well it says your 14 i think the youngest people will let you play is 16. so you do have a couple years at the minimum. now get your parents envolved because you will need to get them to come to feild to at minimum sign a waiver, or play with you. also if you would like to own your own gun befor being 18 it is best to get your mom or dad to buy it for you, they should keep it in their posesion entill you are going to play a game. bye getting them involved now you have 2 years to get them interested in airsoft and convince them that it is not just a silly little fad that you are going thorough, that you are infact serious about it and its not just a waste of money. now also keep in mind if they wont allow you to play then you have to wait till you are 18 because as your brother can infact buy you a gun he cannot sign the waiver at the feild for you.
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