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Airsoft Alliance Canada Shutting Down

Hello Everyone,

Just to end any speculations Yes, Airsoft Alliance Canada is shutting down. Rangers Airsoft and Double Edge Airsoft have decided to call it quits. It's been a wounderful ride, and it's been sucessful, and we have all of our loyal customers to thank for that. Jackson, Roger and I can't thank you enough for all your support, and business throughout the years.

This was quite a quick decision, but after sitting down, we all felt the same way. We are all working on, and ready to move on to other things in our lives. We all knew from the beginning this was not a forever thing, and that time has now come to move on.

Running AAC as large as it was, and with the volumn we were running, was a very tough thing to do. It's been alot tougher than most realize having to deal all the time with shipping companies, airlines, brokers, and worst of all Customs We did our best, and we hope we have done our part in the past few years to help our Canadian market grow, and expand. There are still some long time, reputable retailers out there that you can go to, and we all know this market of ours can continue without any hic-ups from us shutting down.

We still have our e-mails up and running, and for the time being, our toll free phone numbers are still active (however, don't call that until after July 3rd or so, as Roger is on hollidays until then). Any pending orders will of course be processed. Anyone that are waiting on orders, or that have left deposits for items that will no longer be coming in, can contact us asap, and we will make arrangements for either full refunds of any deposits, or if there is anything else you would like from our current inventory, you may choose that option as well. We will be around a while longer in order to clear out the current inventory we have left in our warehouse. So if your interested, e-mail us to find out what we have in stock.

We made this post because we owe you all an explanation. As you are all aware, I am not around ASC much. I personally try and stay away from MSG boards (politics drive me nuts!! haha). Also this is a very busy time in our lives, so we will most likely not be around ASC here much after this post. Anyone needing to speak to us can still contact myself or Jackson via e-mail.

So thank you all for a great past 6+ years! It really has been amazing!

Randy Becker
Jackson Gee
Roger Wong
"Fully Retired Retailer" :salute:
Double Edge Airsoft!
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