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I love how all the under 18 people say they are waiting till they are 18 and trying to act all mature and such to get respect from the regulars, but hey, i'm sure (at least hoping) most of thoes are being sincere.

It really amazes me how little responsibility retailers have for selling guns to minors. It is so incredibly easy to bypass any kind of age-varification system out there, and there are essentially no penalties or suits agains these retailers. IT boggles my mind how someone can sell an airsoft/bb gun to a kid and be fine with it, fully knowing that the second the kid gets it they will wreak havoc on anything smaller then them. When i was 17 i told my parents i wanted a bb gun and they gave me one of the scariest looks i've ever seen, i haven't said a word to them about it since. Question is, what's wrong with parents today?

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