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Originally Posted by Pliskin
Originally Posted by Ace of Spades
Man, im underage, and I look up to people like greylocks and droc. Fuck, people, just wait untill you are 18, you have a whole bleeding live in front of you and 18 is only what? 1-2 years away for most people. If, at your age, you have soo much time on your hands to deal with school AND airsoft, just join the freeking cadets and wait a year or two, its not the end of the world.

My self I struck a deal with my parents, I wait untill im 18, but im allowed to build up my gear, so when I do get a airsoft gun, I already am ready and can start playing.
Who was complaining, mate? I'm all down with waiting, and I've been thinking of building up my gear too, anywho.
Im talking about the people that create threads like "Lower the cut off age for airsoft" or "Im 15 and I think I should be allowed to play" Good god, the majority of the underage people here are 16+ and for those that complain, you got less then 730 days or 17520 hours or 1051200 minutes or 63072000 seconds of waiting, so instead of using that time to complain, get out and gain some respect by not going with the flow of most underagers and just wait it out.
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