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Interesting Question, Film related.

Hi there, I was hoping you folks could help me clear up some questions that have arisen in my mind.

The gist of the story is I want to know what kind of Airsoft weapons would be best for a short internet film. Nothing too serious, 10-15 mins max. It's for a production company me and some friends are making (we're all getting into Film)

I've considered just walking into a police station and asking for the full legal technical whachamacallits... But i thought perhaps you guys (and gals i'm assuming) would have this sort of thing on your minds all the time.

I've searched on this forum and found a few other threads similar to this, but bumping one of those seemed a bit unscrupulous.

Personally i've played a bit of Airsoft, but my own combat style leans towards stealth and long range (yeah yeah, call me a camping w***e... It's a Canadian who has the record for longest sniper kill in history... *2.4 kilometers if you're interested.* so i'm not all that bothered by it) So i've pretty much stopped... for now.

My questions are these...

What would you recommend as the best Cost VS Realistic looking VS Recoil (if possible) Airsoft models in the following makes?

Berreta M2
Any Type of Pump Shotgun
Various Handguns

Now before i get flamed for looking for *takes cover* cheap airsoft guns. (Oh my gawd!! Nooo!!!) I'm not looking for that. I'm looking for Airsoft models that can double as props, yet still retain a good degree of firepower. (it's bloody hard to act getting hit in the shoulder and i'm a method actor... :P)

We're making a mockumentary type internet film... it's kinda like Trailer Park Boys meets Cops if that helps your thinking.

we're based in Toronto Ontario and any sort of help would be greatly appreciated. Hell if any of you want to act (for free unfortunately at the moment) drop me an Email and we'll see whats up.

So to reiterate... I'm looking for props that will give the actor a good feel for what the real thing is like. Also something that can help these guys get a good feel for aiming and firing... christ they couldn't hit a bus if it were upsidedown... If you now feel like :smack: ing me... this is the time :P

P.S. Any filming we do will be coordinated with the Toronto PD. No sense getting arrested over a sport weapon/prop.

Finally, i'd actually like to :salute: you guys. I wish i could be out there on the field but i realise i've got to get my life somewhere stable before i can take up such a damn fun hobby

Thanks in Advance!
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