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I'll give you two answers, silly and serious.

I love smoke grenades. There's a funny story about two idiots deciding to camp it out in a little well protected hut. that's why I love them. Those two idiots can feel free to make themselves known I won't call them out more then that or say names. But my boyfriend threw a smoke nade in with them. Nuff said. Supressing fire is a must but always always always repect two things 1)momentum- Never stop moving once you get going 2)you need to work fast. Smooth but fast. The longer you give them to think the more liekly they'll be to realize what's happening and shoot back. Also waiting awhiel for them to get complacent is a nice tactic.

Or you could just throw Droc's porn collection (or a bit of it anyway he's got lots) down the hallway. Distraction. Then use a civi as a sheild; any will do, and then mov in fast and never stop moving.

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Ok, so let me get this straight here Megan.

- You wish to buy your boyfriend some airsoft stuff and/or video games for christmas
- You enjoy playing airsoft
- You enjoy playing video games
- You like to drink beer
- You seem to have a reasonably healthy obsession with sex

Do you happen to have like, a sister, who is like you in all these ways and is single, and lives in Toronto
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