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I know its 3 weeks since the last post...

I have this vest in CB. In fact I'm writing this review while wearing it

I am 6', 205.

This is the first nice vest I have owned. I was a bit of a cheap wad and always bought 100$ or less vests.
I decided to treat myself and plunge in on the ACS order.
I like the velcro, it gives the vest the feeling that it isn't going anywhere.
The mag pouches were very snug, but I leave my mags in them when storing and that has seemed to help soften the material up a bit.

I won't bother repeating the excellent reviews here.
The medical pouched doubles nicely as a canteen pouch as I do not use a camel back set up. The grenade pouch doubles nicely for now holding my FRS radio as I too am looking for a nice radio to fill the "Saber type" pouch.

As far as heating. I have used it twice indoors and sweat like a bugger! But then again, wearing a bdu jacket, pants, gloves, hat and boots then get the ol heart rate up and anyone would get hot!

Wearing it outdoors, was a cool month it was very nice.

It was the starting point of a complete overhaul of buying new gear coyote brown inspired!

I am glad I bought this vest and everyone on the team who has bought one too is very happy with it!

Me and my baby!
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