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I'd hope to rent this gun out for the summer season to pay for itself (with the misguded belief it was similar in manufacter to the UTG line) and sell it off if a decent offer came along. But it'd pretty hard to rent out a gun that is outclassed by a stock UTG MP5. I have a stock shot to st*t TM MP5 that shoots better than the Firepower gun.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not pissed about the performance, I pretty much expected that, I'm pissed I can't just plop in some standard AEG parts to fix the problem because Firepower saw fit to ensure the gun is: 1)not upgradable (at least with standard parts) and, 2) not repairable (at least readily). Also, it's not like version 3 gearboxes are falling off the vine around here. I see Version 2's for sale every once and a while, I don't remember seeing a Version 3 up for sale.

To put all this work into what looks like a decent, entry level AEG only to f*** it up by not having a gearbox than can be readily repaired/upgraded is crap. The UTG at least uses standard components, allowing damaged parts to be easily replaced and/or upgraded with commonly available parts.
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