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I bought the gun as a low priced rental. I'd hoped it would perform similar to the UTG MP5, so it'd be ok for newbies but if it broke after a season, so what, it'd be paid for. I hadn't read or heard anything about Firepowers stuff, so I also figured someone needed to be a guinea pig.

I haven't had a chance to take the gearbox apart and see why it's shooting so crappy. I'd had a UTG MP5 I worked on that shot a range from 64fps to 108fps. I changed out the cylinder, cylinder head & nozzle and swapped the piston for a TM (all old parts I had kicking around) and now it shoots consitently 275fps. Hope I can do the same here.

And if not, well, let's just say, better my money than yours. I'm not going to waste anymore cash on cheapo crap now. Rentals are going to be TM's.
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