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Firepower AK47

Firepower AK47
Cost - $250 cdn (from CEL Surplus in Morinville)
Comes with: Gun, 1 Metal clad lowcap (68 rnd), 1 8.4v Nimh battery (guessing 1100mah, as it's not marked), simple wall charger, unjamming/cleaning road, pistol mag type speed loader, horrible mesh type mask (not suitable at all for play), a small bottle of 0.12g bb's (mismolded for the most part, totally worthless) and the shittiest sling I have ever seen. No manual or box is included.

The gun is pretty much the same as a TM AK from what I can tell. Externally. There's a reasonal amount of metal: bolt dust cover, mag, trigger guard & mag release, rear sight, some of the gas assembly and the muzzle break (which is removable and painted orange). The rest is plastic, similar to TM.

Internally, the barrel assembly is the same, thought the barrel was filthy. Hop up assembly operates the same as TM. the big suprise is the mechbox, which is, well, I'll let the pics speak for themselves.

That's right folks, it's plastic. Almost all of it. Shell, piston, piston head, cylinder head, cylinder, spring guide, gears, etc., etc., etc. Even the bushings are plastic, which with TM are about the only plastic parts in the mechbox other than the tappet plate, switch & the spring guide.

I have only managed to chrono the gun, which shoots a solid 204pfs, +/- 1 fps. Yeah, a joke, but it is about half the price of a new TM. I have no inclination of upgrading this gun unless I find a metal V3 gearbox, preferably an AK. BTW, it's advertised as shooting 300 fps with 0.20g bb's

I compared the Firepower AK with a fellow team members TM AK47S and they match up pretty close, visually. The "wood" on the TM is nicer, but that's about it really. Pretty much whats metal & plastic on the TM is the same on the Firepower.

Performance testing did not go well. The gun has a range of about 50 feet. It does not matter what the hop up is set at, it just shoots like crap no matter what you do. It sounds pretty cool though, slow and clunky, just like a real AK.

Also, the mags are NOT compatible with TM. The lip on the back of the Firepower mag that locks into the gun is thinner than TM so the TM mags won't lock in place, though they do feed well if held in place. So, you have two options, modify the TM mags to fit the Fiepower AK, making them worthless for TM guns again, or modify the gun to take TM mags, making the stock Firepower mag worthless as it's now too loose.

Buyer beware, you definately get what you pay for here.
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