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WE 5.1 hicapa dragon review

So i ordered it a week ago and it came yesterday, cost me $100(us) for the gun, a holster, a chrome mag-well, and a 3000 round bag of .20 bbs. I also ordered a spare magazine but evike charged me for two so i need to call them.

Out of the box

My first impression when picking this thing up is, Oh S*** is it heavy, it weighs about 3 pounds fully loaded, and let me tell you, you are not gunna want to be trying to use these things akimbo style (one in each hand). The dragons frame is full metal the only plastic bits are the grips and the orange barrel piece. On the tip of the barrel is a high vis sight which i will get to later. The magazine is also metal and feels good as you release it.

Take down.

now this is one of the problems i found with the dragon, the slide release bolt is abnormally difficult to pull out, i actually have to use a screwdriver to get it out. Once it is removed you must undo a screw at the base of the fixed portion of the slide, allowing it to be removed. One this is done the main slide can be slid out. The hop-up is small but easy to adjust, no complaints here.


The magazine is heavier than the m9 mags that im used to. It holds 30 rounds and can contain enough gas to fire about 50 shots. My only problem is the strength of spring that pushes the rounds up. Its much stiffer than the ones ive used in the past.


Now this is where it gets fun, ive heard complaints that this gun has no kick, i guess mine is a lemon then. This thing has almost as much kick as my 22 pistol. Not bad for a $100 gun. Its slide recoil is a little on the slugish side, but perhaps this is a good thing simply because it slows you down. One of the major problems with this gun is its gas consumtion, in one day i burnt through two cans of gas, my friend using my old m9 didnt even get through one. not a gun for the faint of wallet. Despite this, this thing is awsome to fire. I got 1 inch groupings at about 15 yards, not great but not bad either. It punched through one side of the coke can at 15 yards however.


On the first day i got it i invited all 6 of my friends(yeah im a loser) over and tested it out. This gun owned all of them, hands down. They were all using mpegs such as well r6's and utg warhawks. In one round i picked of all four of the other team in one magazine. Kinda sucks though because now they dont wanna fight me.....

Over all

Looks 9.5/10
Feel 8/10
Power 9.5/10
Accuracy 6/10
Fun 9/10

Good gun, but a little on the heavy side
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