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Originally Posted by Marrius
Hey guys,
Im writing from the states and I am going to be going to college at Queen's University in Kingston. I have one question, would they let me bring my airsoft gun to school? I would still like to play rather than sell all my stuff when I go to school. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Hey Man,

Your facing a number of challenges coming from the states, hopefully this will help.

Sell your AEGs/GBBs/NBBs/Whathave you now, you won't be able to bring them across the border, and attempting to do so will give you the oppertunity to get VERY personal with a border gaurd by the name of Bubba .

Seriously though, your best plan at this point is sto sell your Airsoft down there, bring the cash here and buy from a Canadian retailer. As for keeping it in Rez, you have a few options.

This year, I was able to clear keeping these bad boys in my room by my Don, so long as they have proper trigger locks and the case(s) are kept locked at all times. While the printed rules state that you cannot have them on the premises, sometimes talking to your Don will free up some lee-way, allowing you to keep your gear. The biggest factor in deciding this, is what kind of residence is it?

Bring an upperyear student, I'm now in the uber-secure leet tower complex at UTSC, however if your in an older style dorm (The old towers with2 guys to a room, no dividing wall etc), or a townhouse style rez, you may not be able to keep them.

In short once you move in you can bring your kit with you, but talk to your don, then perhaps the Campus PD about what to do with them. Generally speaking Don's and CPDs aren't all gestapo when it comes to this stuff, however should the be a paintball attack, or a number of BBs are spotted on campus, expect a visit from either your Don, or the CPD.

- Mike
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