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Poster en francais c'est pas probleme - nous avons beaucoup de joueurs francophones, au Quebec at partout au Canada - si tu peux tolerer des reponses en anglais, moi j'encourage les postes bilingues ici, c'est de la bonne pratique pour tout le monde.

You should still let your parents know - they might want to come out to a game too!

As for games in Quebec, scroll down the main page and check for game listing in Quebec AND try the drop-down menu at the top of the screen under "Community" - there are links to a few Quebec-based sites that will help you get connected to a game and some players right away. If you ask around, I'm sure you'll find someone who will help you out, or at the very least, head to a game and check out the gear. You'll get an idea of what you're looking at very quickly, airsoft sinks its hooks in fast...
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