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I stashed my guns at a friends place when in residence, kept them in my room from time to time but tried not to. Picked em up from a friends place day before the game and brought em back day after. Nearing the end of the year I had a game just before exams and just kept all my guns in my room, M733, M3 shorty, and an M92f. Some friends found out and came over, shot the crap out of my walls (drywall, not cinder blocks :smack: ) but I was never reported.

I did panic at one point as a girls laptop was stolen while the guns where in my room and there was talk of a room search on my floor for the laptop. Search never happened thankfully.

Oh yeah, and if your caught with the guns in residence in Canada, more often than not, your just expelled, no questions asked, at least according to my interpretation of the rules, dont know anyone that its happened to.
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