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Originally Posted by Marrius
Hey guys,
Im writing from the states and I am going to be going to college at Queen's University in Kingston. I have one question, would they let me bring my airsoft gun to school? I would still like to play rather than sell all my stuff when I go to school. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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its an uncommon situation but if you were reasponsible enough to keep them locked and hidden- now that is KEY!! you dont want to show these off and then have some dorm mates open them up and run around campus shooting each other!! they might overlook it. i myself wouldn worry about it because id have the will power to not show them off, but would you? no matter how grey our sport is, it is still a sport and they would honor that, but your still walking the line.

your best bet would be to make friends w/ someone on here (preferablly w/ a good trader rating) close to where youll be living... kinda like a game mate, so you can store your guns at his place, and then go to games together....
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