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Originally Posted by Gato
I mean seriusly i can see why you would want to do this (and i don't blame you ) but there ARE alot of us underagers who are responsible and while you do HEAR of us (as in underaged people) doing stupid things more often i have heard of 18+ people doing stupid things and somethimes these things are FAR stupider than anything i've heard of from underaged people but i'll be 17 on the 12th so i'de only have a year to wait to re-access these boards anyway.
It could very well be that you hear of plenty of 18+ yr olds doing stupid things, but in the end they're for one more likely to get a beating for it, and of course responsible for thier actions unlike a minor.

18+ isn't just so if something happens to a minor it's just as much for ppl being responsible for being the cause of anything that happens to anyone else due to thier ignorance.
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