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Originally Posted by Ghost Snake
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I'd like to know the weight of them. If they are heavy enough, I could snipe with them!
Originally Posted by Redneck
I was just thinking the exact same thing.
Originally Posted by Ghillie973
Exactly what I was thinking.
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I'd be curious to weight one of these, I'm pretty sure they're far heavier than a regular BB.
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If you want to find the weight put them in a gun that you know the fps of on a certain bb weight and chrony it. Then use the weight of the bb with the original fps to find out the energy in joules. Then use that and the fps of the minty fresh shootings and find out the weight.
Originally Posted by FOX_111
My team mate have an electronic scale. I'll try that and let you know.
Man, all these people that want to know the weight, but no one that can READ :lol:

It clearly says, 30 mints, 1.8g. Which makes each of them 0.06g. That doesnt sound right however, and I highly doubt they'd be 1.8g each. I have an electronic scale, so maybe I'll pick up some of these after work.
I think 1.8g is the NET weight, ie: packaging included.
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