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Originally Posted by quikstrike
Just by coming in here and reading your posts on page 9 Mike, I see you may be fighting for the mature people under 18, and we sometimes do recognize people that show real maturity. But from reading your posts, doesn't matter if you are sticking up for the mature minors, you are deffinatley not one of them.

Go read the FAQ. Do some searching. Stop fighting with people, you are a minority here, so when you go to a place where you do not have the obvious upperhand, don't try to change it to fit you, you have to adjust. Not us.

I'm sorry, but by reading your current posts, in no way would I trust you with an airsoft gun. Not the gun alone but how you would conduct yourself on a field.

Oh and you can't drive around the streets with a car and get arrested or shot by police just because it's a car.

But you can with an airsoft gun, just because its an airsoft gun.
Especially if you have no idea about the laws.
The government doesn't give you your liscence to drive until you pass a test.

And see, airsoft, we don't have a test, but we try to make sure the guns don't fall into the wrong hands.

If you even want to bother coming to a game to watch, and gather the information you will need, I'd suggest fixing your attitude.

Just someone that says that us as a community of airsofters should f**k off, why would you think we would even side with you?

I think you should take some time, read a bit, and re-acess your situation.
Ya, you guys are right. I have read stuff now. I thnk i am going to leave the airsoft canada forums. I am more into just playing airsoft with friends. C ya all! And sorry for being so stupid and un-mature. Have a good day!
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