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Keep things legal and it wont effect us at all. I don't doubt that remote locations that are used for Milsim Airsoft draw the attention of neighbors, and if it didn't before it sure will after the recent events. With that being said - there is nothing that they can do. Keep everything on the up & up and its fine.

Since all this went down - a number of buddies and I have talked - considering we place in bracebridge (a place mentioned) and to be honest while its disturbing that terrorist may be up that way - we are not at all concerned.

It would be my personal opinion that - if members who frequent a specific airsoft field seem be be pulled over more for minor traffic offenses (multiple people at one event) maybe they are having a peak at ya - if not - they would laugh at what we do when investigated. (or think it was really cool)

just my 2 cents
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