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Front Page of Monday's National Post

There is an article talking about the terrorist camp outside of Washago, Ontario. There are interviews with locals, talking about people in camoflage converging on this campground, engaging in "extreme camping". They would arrive in convoys, stay for sometimes a week or more, and gunfire could be heard from the campground.

Now, I know that airsoft doesn't echo the same rat-a-tat-tat as a real steel machine gun, but the other points can certainly be taken as a group of airsofters. If we use pyrotechnics, that can certainly be mistaken for "bomb practice".

So, my question to you is, how can increasing fears of domestic terrorist training camps affect us as airsofters, mil-sim practitioners, and wargame participants? I think this just underlines the importance of informing our neighbors as to our activities, so as to alieviate their fears.

What are your thoughts?

*edit* It was the National Post. Here is the link:
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