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Originally Posted by mikeh0303
I can understand that, but I still think that even if you are under 18 you should be able to get a gun. As long as the kid is mature!

And who the hell is going to define who is mature enough to hold a god damn gun? Why don't we re-write the whole god damn law on guns right now. "IF you're mature enough you can own a gun, you don't need to be 18+ to own a .357 magnum or a 9mm Glock any longer!"...

You know what happens then? We start seeing this "increase" in "mature" kids until one day just one of them snaps and then a chain reaction of lil kids with their rap crap and hebop junk goes ape crap because the lastest much music television hog wash dirt was cancled... SHAKE YOUR HEAD PLEASE!

Just think about what you just said... "I think any kid should be able to get a gun as long as the kid is mature!" You know I'll bet that somewhere someone said those kids that shot up Columbine thought one of em atleast at somepoint in time thought the kid was "mature"... for his age... but look he was able to get guns and deal with the "Problems" you think it was mature?
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