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And if you read the forums FAQ which is substantionally large, you'll find it says JUST that over and over and over again. So my question to you is this, if someone a kid or what not takes a stick and pokes you with it, and keeps doing it over and over and over and over will you honestly be able to tell me that at some point in time you will NOT get irritated with this?

And don't give me some bullshit answer like, "Well I'd explain it to the kid/person why he/she shouldn't... blah blah blah blah" Cause I'll answer with "Shut the fuck up." Reason being is because you didn't pick up on the hint of this example, because it would be impossible for someone to NEVER get irrated with someone who kept doing the same thing over and over and after many attempts to "explain why he/she shouldn't..." because really thats what they tried when they said "FAQ you lil shit!" but ya didn't listen. Now the problem is you have so many people who "didn't" listen and now you have people on the last thread of patience with just about anyone poking because it appears that none of em have the time/patience/maturity/brains/commonsense/ability/balls or what ever you want to call it to actually go read the FAQ they pointed out to you at the beginning of this VERY thread.

We don't write that it should be 18+ here, its the veiw of the country that writes that rule. Because thats the age set by Canadians across the nation as the accepted "Adult" level. Well guess what, the community doesn't want "kids" fudging up their hobby/sport/activity/stress relief or what ever you wish to call it. Because the "soccer moms"/people/lefties/righties/tighties/and everyone else that looks onto this go, "I don't think thats right, and those kids shouldn't have guns! OH NOES! They've gone beyond Counterstrike games call in the governer we need a bann on this before it gets out of hand." Where as you see a group of adults, you get a raised eyebrow and people wanting nothing to do with it....

Moral of the whole story. No one bitch slapped you yet, so what the hell is the point of trying to make everyone look bad by getting a post from some other forum where someone had recently taken their morphine hit and desided to repeat themselves again? Second moral to the story... Ask Greylocks... he'll tell you where the FAQ is...
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