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Originally Posted by neil555688
I asked why I couldn’t buy a gun on another forum that I belong to and I got this answer that I think makes sense
Hey, saw your thread, give ya a tip, if you have any questions reguarding rules or age direct them at myself or phox, we'll respond to you with an answer, the rest of the club will just tell you to read the rules or just be rude.

Here's the deal, the only reason people consider it legal to 'own' an airsoft gun is because the laws that govern ownership are vague.

Now, you know as well as i do, retailers will not sell to <18yrs because they are covering there asses. Which is a good policy. The reason joc and many other clubs has gone to a 18+ buy/sell, is because we want to control the amount of weapons circulated to the underage community.

What you need to understand is anyone could screw this up for all of us. a 30yr collector, a 16yr, hell me. All it takes is wrong place at the wrong time, and this could all backfire.

We don't target the 16-18 yr groups because of maturity, but because of accountability. Lets say you walked by a window at your house and by fluke someone saw you with a m4... they call the cops you get in trouble, and the next day the harold has an article. Everyone will blame your parents or the organization you play with, and won't blame you... why... because they see you as a misguided youth, and you shouldn't know any better.

Now reverse the roles, lets say it's me, 25yrs old and i get cought. Hell, the harold won't print a story because who cares; there is no cause to support. I'd get in trouble with the cops, pay a fine, and most likely lose all my airsoft.

by cause ^, i mean... kids shouldn't play violant video games because they turn into killers... kids see too many violant movies... etc. nobody every blames the kids, they blame everyone else.

So you can see, joc is 18+, because of accountability.
I can understand that, but I still think that even if you are under 18 you should be able to get a gun. As long as the kid is mature!
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