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Look out everyone, Greylocks is one of them new fangled "Ageists!"

Seriously though, what the hell is with this attacking maturity from levels of age? When someone is under 18 we give them slack for being immature. Anyone stop to remember anyone is over 18 we beat the living snoze outta him/her for being stupid! If anyone looked at the way the laws of Canada are set up it really gives people under 18 a fair chance to straighten out before they get into the real world. Small petty crimes don't stick with them for life, they get shorter lighter sentences when they do something that isn't "small" and/or "petty."

I say we scratch that out, aboloish Juvi-detention and have em all in the same adult courts. Of course I'm joking here cause that wouldn't really work out all that well, but it might open up the eyes of some like Pvt. Snowball who doesn't seem to grasp its not only "Maturity" its also "Stupidity" levels here. We can't just have everyone and anyone toting guns around, we'd have too many "Imature" kids and too many "Stupid" adults with em!

There's that and the 18+ Rule that was put out by the government on the "toys."

You know I find it funny that its so hard for you to explain why these guns are illegal to people under the age of 18. I mean its to the point that I wonder if they are insulted that alcohol is 18+? (19+ in Ontario) or cigarettes? Maybe they're just frustrated because sex toys are 18+ in Canada?
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