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Well i'd like to say here, that i am 18, I have been playing airsoft for about a year and a half and from what i've read here, this is sort of biased on the fact that, it is kids that are buying the guns and are not being responsible with the guns. I know there are kids who have guns and will be idiots, but the majority of problems are coming from people over 18 who buy these and then do stupid shit with it. Like the guys here in vancouver who used them to do break in's or the older man who pulled one out in a airport. I'm not going to start placing blames here, i know it is a mixed bag, but don't point the finger at just teenagers. Immaturity comes in all ages. A lot of the under 18 players i have played with, are very responsible and are respectable players of our airsoft community. We have quite a few in our area and i'm proud to say they are more responsible and mature then some of our older players who are in their 20's.

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