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Greylocks, and anyone else who cares:

I'm 20, didn't get into airsoft at all until I was 20, so I'm still pretty new. I'm a firm believer in 18+ and do my best to enforce it in my local area. But a problem I'm noticing is that it's not just the kids, it's the retailers who need/want to make a buck. I've bought from 3 different retailers (I won't name them because it's not important, but I will say that 2 of them are on your Canadian Retailers site) and not once did anyone ask for ID. In person no one asked and you could maybe say that I look undoubtedly over 18 (which isn't true) but what's more disconcerting is ordering online from the retailers on this site and not having to provide any sort of age verification.

I'm not entirely sure how this factors in, but I think that it warrants at least some concern. I mean, sure you can come down on the kids, you can do your best to prevent them from using this site and do all you can to keep it legal and safe for everyone. But if retailers are still willing to sell to anyone (even retailers on the Canadian Retailers list, which you all seem to advocate as safe) you've got a larger problem.
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