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Originally Posted by fantastix
Originally Posted by Droc
bring some swedish women with you on your way over. Ill take 2 of the extra tall version....must speak broken english and love doggie.
Do I smell a group order?

**takes a big wiff**

Yep... smells like its going to be FRESH too :P....

First to answer your question on looking for employers. Try some of the long haulers like Manitoulin. OR if your really looking for a good salary on that try RTL in the arctic, the down side is there are lots of hours and lots of cold nights. The Upside get a good deal of money for driving up there and all you gotta do is drive, nothing else.

Second, at the costs of brokering it in, or getting one of the local retailers to import it for ya. I'd probably suggest parting with em and buying brand new ones. But then they prob mean something to ya.
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