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Hey from Sweeeeeeeden

Hello everyone!
My name's Anton, and I currently live in Sweden. I thought I'd stop by here because I'm planning on moving to Canada with my wife. Because honestly, Sweden is beginning to suck. So I'm at the moment in progress of taking a driver's license class 1 I think it's called over there? Called "C körkort" here, for trucks. So yes, I'm going to be a truck driver. :P So if someone knows someone who needs a driver, give me a shout. Otherwise I was planning on getting my own truck and freelancing, hope it will work out.

I haven't really read so many threads here on ASC yet, but I most definatly will. One question popped into my mind just recently though, I read one of the threads in which was stated that you could not import airsoft guns into Canada, is that so? Well, I could sell of my AK-47 and buy a new one in Canada, but I wouldn't want to give up my AKSU or M11A1. How about importing gear? That's no problem I suppose? Well, instead of asking more questions about it in this thread, I'll just do some forum searching.

Anton // Etaren
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