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Originally Posted by deltoro(israel)
Hey guys, my name is Mike, i am a seargant in AIM ( Assosiation of Israeli Mercenaries) team. In the past i served as seargant in Swat kind of unit in border guard of Israel, so as most of my friends, which served in different positions in Israeli Army and Police.
The hall business of airsoft (here it's called strikeball) started several years ago, we still have difficulties to get and buy proper Aegs and other stuff.
Especial problem we having here is to get a proper BDUs like woodland or cadpad. We have stocks of IDF equipment that left from our service and some of us yet using it in reserve duty - helmets, israeli olive bdu's, vests

We are wondering maybe some team will want to trade this stuff for canadian or u.s stuff we need. (We already done this once with Golany - IDF team in Russia Moscow) or somebody need it for his collection. - here is our airsoft forum - some pics of Israeli airsoft
242603390 - my icq

fare well my friends - email
Ma nishma, brother?

glad to see you on here, israeli airsoft must be cool as hell, but how do the sephardic jews prevent police from thinking they're not palestinians???

f*ck, i chill with enough arabs and israelis, and sometimes it's hard for ME to tell the difference.
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