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andrew todd
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lol.. i wish i could have the navy approve use of authentic weapons. but from my experience I think we'd have better odds of seeing canada invade the US than the CF giving me the greenlight to use their firearms on my film..

I apologize for the way that i did start this thread. I know from experience that one should always take a few minutes to read up on the proper forum etiquette before posting. Also im working force protection right now where i stand at the gates in halifax for 12 hours. I had just gotten off my shift and was extremely tired and probably should have thought out my approach alot better before asking for help. This is something that just came to me as i was talking to another guy on my shift (army type) who mentioned that airsoft might be the best way to go for my film. Thanks to all those who have been going out of their way to help me out with this. If at anytime anyone on this board that lives in the atlantic provinces has any events that they would like to have filmed let me know and id be glad to come out free of charge if i have the time off. I have a pretty nice cam (xl2-same series used for 28 days later) and the footage would look nice.

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