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OK, I may as well follow up on this.

Anyways, this gun has exceeded all expectations.

It puts hole after hole through the same target- wherever I put it. The gun's accurate as hell, the hop-up is very stable, and the gas consumption is amazing.

The gun spits out about 7 RPS on full auto, perhaps more. Not the highest, but certainly fairly high- want more then that, get a Glock 18C. I don't see why you'd need much more then you have on this- however, on automatic, it's quite innacurate thanks to the recoil. Nomatter- considering it's on fully automatic, at that point you're not going for accuracy anyways.

All in all, it's an amazing gun. Full metal, built like a tank (this is no KJW pot metal, this is certainly something very strong), accurate, and powerful- it's certainly not the prettiest thing around, but if you don't like it, go get a Western Arms. This gun is not for you.
For the rest of us that prefer performances over function, this is certainly a gun for you. It's accurate and it packs a punch- what more can you ask? Whenever I need a gun to shoot someone with, the Hi-Capa and the Cougar (next on my list) can wait- the M190 is first out of the holster. In fact, I may buy another for my left hand- the fact that you can change mag-releases is another added plus.

Questions or concerns will be answered- I've taken the gun down, painted it flat black, sanded the barrel, and put it back together. Now it looks really quite professional.

When taking the gun apart to see the trigger spring, though, I was an idiot and let the hammer parts fly everywhere. That's not recommended- I managed to put it back together without much difficulty.

More pictures coming soon- next gun review will be a Western Arms Beretta Cougar M8045 Inox.
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