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Well did we figure out of this "RCMP" cheque was real or not? I'm not entirely sure I understand how that works. However, if it says "RCMP Academy" on it, I would call Regina and ask tell them you have a cheque that says it came from there, and youre trying to get ahold of the guy. If you establish its him, you can then get ahold of whoever is in charge. It was also mentioned it worked for, or once worked for Securicar. In either case, getting ahold of either would be a bonus, because you have to be bonded to drive armoured car, and the RCMP dont recuit jackholes who owe money. If you managed to locate him at either place, he'd probably be right out the door once you explains all this BS.

As far as suppliers out west, I'd imagine its probably Xtreme Percision, theres a good chance. Although they can be just as hard to get ahold of as this guy youre trying to find sometimes.

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