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well, a buddy of mine ordered some spring handguns from airsoft arena, he got them shipped to Rydens border store and he picked them up a week later
I know that Airsoft will get confiscated and seized at the border, but what if I bring it over the border myself?
bro I bring guns in all the time. All ya gotta do is get 3000 bucks for a fake passport so the cops dont suspect shit dawg. My friends uncles bro got me it, its like da total shiznit dawg. I mean wtf . Like dude you can get airsofts in da US for like 50 bucks bro. Its a total ripoff in canada bro. look bro, from one bro to another do it dawg. I do it all the time when i bring the airsofts home i can like dual wield em and shiz. lawls man my friend puts on his bandanad and hes like all 50 cenz and shiz.
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