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Not sure if this will help but I did some looking on Section 8 and found this:
You guys I'm guessing already have all this information.
Name: Cory Rusk
Location: Charlottetown PEI

and I think this could be his distributor from out west. (not exactly sure)
Brass Eagle has sent us a press release stating they have come to an agreement with Cybergun for the distribution of airsoft products through Brass Eagle's network here in the US. I have a link but after looking at the site I've relized that it's quite possible that they are from France, one they call it Soft Air and another fact is I saw a patent for one of their guns that said Cybergun France. So my research is continuing I stumbled upon what seemed to be a retailer he signed up for. unfortunatley they were only a throat microphone company.

try this out ..

I sould know if i am going to be a dealer for them soon."[QUOTE/](Quoted from Section 8)
In alot of his posts he mention a guy code named "" Not sure if that has anything to do with AA but it seems like it in his posts. I managed to find his cell number I don't know the Area code or if it's even still in service but, 940-5730, And apparently scamming airsofters wasn't his only illegal hobby.
who wants copys i have 15 burnt


[QUOTE]Hey guy's In response to the tragic circumstances surrounding Hurricane Katrina, Atlantic Armory has started a relief fund which will be turned over to the Canadian Red Cross on September 19th I was ...[QUOTE/] Do I smell BS? From what's happened to the people in this thread it seems like it would be a scam.[QUOTE]Hey guy's i have to say a big thanks for the people that sent 265.00 to atlanticarmory that money is in the hands of the canadian red cross on the way to help.[QUOTE/] Hmmmm... Seems like people actually donated :rrr: . Basically that's all the dirt I could find on him, It's all basically from his posts on Section 8. Hope this may help even if just a bit.
EDIT: ***NEW INFO*** Okay looking through old posts on ASC I found out that Cory Rusks Wholesaler out west is: Double Edge Airsoft my proof is here:
Originally Posted by mujahadeen
Thats correct folks...

Ran into some hostings problems... (ionhosting < everything) and realized that lifes too short to be couped up indoors processing sales and shipping orders. Running Atlantic Armory for the past year has been very rewarding for me... we ran into our share of problems (including hackers and even an Email Money Transfer fraud attempt) but generally we recieved excellent customer review and very promising testimonials.

Randy and Clayton over at DEA have been extremely helpful and very accommodating to our wholesale needs and I would recommend doing business with them to anyone looking to operate a retail outlet.

I will continue to be a regular participant on Airsoft Canada (these forums have become an important component of my everyday life) pwning ignorant n00bs and the like. I will also be attending alot more games now that I have access time on my hands.

Customers will still have the option of Pm'ing me with any questions concerning their orders as I will be working partly in conjunction with Cory, an individual who I believe has the ability to take Atlantic Armory to bigger and better things.

Instock items will be regularly up to date and inventory levels should increase greatly over time (look forward to alot of tactical equipment to all you Eastern Canadian gear queers)

I would like to thank our client base and loyal return customers for your continuing business. Your patronage has put a permanent smile on my face and bread on my table. To the boys over at Atlantic Airsoft - thank you for putting up with my nonrelenting sales drives (read - Airsoft pimping) and all the support you gave me. I look foward to pwning your asses much more at upcoming games.

In closing, thank you's go out to the community, our web designers, ASC and the boy's over at Slim's Armory (who without them Atlantic Armory would have remained a pipe dream)

Thanks guys, it's been a hoot.

Mujahadeen / Seth
Original Owner Operator of Atlantic Armory.
Good luck guys!

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